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This January, Jane Street hosted its first ever Symposium.


At the start of the new year, we hosted a run of in-house programs including WiTT in London and INSIGHT in New York.

Dragon Dance

Celebrating our Hong Kong office expansion

Corporate Challenge

At the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in New York and in London

Streeter Profile

Adam “Smitty” Core Services, New York Your LinkedIn profile summary says: 

Probability & Markets

Hiring great people is hard. So we spend a lot of time and energy trying to get it right.

The Opening Rush of Dodgeball

Our second annual Dodgeball Tournament took place last week.

London’s ML Seminar: Neural Style Transfer

We regularly hold a machine learning seminar in the London office. One of the latest sessions was about

Office Bake-Off

Jane Street’s annual New York Office Bake–Off took place this week and with 25 entries, the competition was intense.

Seven Implementations of Incremental

On Wednesday, April 5th we will be hosting our third Tech Talk.

Tech Talks at Jane Street

We just held our first in a series of tech talks hosted at Jane Street.


This month we launched our new INSIGHT program.

After work.

Wednesday at Jane Street.

Building Connections

We hosted a group of female engineering students from a local high school for an office

Hong Kong Welcomes Winterns

This month our Hong Kong office welcomed a new class of Winterns. 

Women in Trading & Technology

Earlier this month our London office hosted 25 female students for our 

Soccer Tournament

Our annual soccer tournament recently took place on Randall’s Island.

Hello, Bay Area!

For the first time, Jane Street hosted its Electronic Trading Challenge…

Electronic Trading Challenge

This summer, we’re hosting several events in San Francisco…

Dodgeball Showdown

Over 70 Jane Streeters geared up and threw down in our first ever dodgeball tournament…

Jane Streeters Take On Zombies

Computational, quantitative and interpersonal skills aren’t just…

Winter Internships

Our 3-week winter internship has come and gone, but we had a great time and our interns did..

20 Fenchurch

Jane Street’s London office recently moved into a shiny new building at 20 Fenchurch in the heart of the City. The large, south-facing facade of 20 Fenchurch was so shiny, in fact, that it made the news. Much went into shaping the new space to our needs (and wants), and it shows. Jane Street, and…

eth0: summer edition

Sometimes being an intern at Jane Street is just fun and games. A few weeks ago we held an Electronic Trading Hackathon (eth0) for our summer intern class, with interns in New York and London participating simultaneously. Interns paired up into thirty seven teams to build the best automated trading bot they could, and then the…

Movers, Shakers, Streeters, Makers

In June we spent an evening at the Makery, a pop up maker space in NYC. Our task was to make a Rube Goldberg machine that could get a small plastic ball to hit a target. There were 4 groups, each of whom had the task of moving the ball to the next group. The…

Jane Street Shuffle

Recently our tech team got together for an evening of shuffleboard at Royal Palms. Even if it was only for a few hours, the tropical atmosphere of the retro Palm Beach, FL-themed venue was a welcome change from this year’s snowy New York winter.

Ugly Jumper Day

    Among many fine Jane Street traditions: Ugly Jumper Day in our London office. On the day of our holiday party, we did the tradition proud. This year New York got in on the fun, too.


About 40 Jane Streeters gathered on Randall’s Island for our inaugural Over/Under 30 soccer match. It was an epic contest between the young and the less young, ending, after overtime, in a tie. While both teams had some unconventional notions of optimal strategy, everyone had a great time. On to rematch 2015!

Wintern Season is Here

    As we get ready for our wintern class to arrive, we’ve been thinking a lot about what a great time we had with our summer interns while they were here. We can’t wait to welcome a new group of interns to Jane Street in just a few weeks.

Jane Street Spin Class

We’ve been wanting to do an event at a spin studio for a while – luckily, Halloween provided the perfect excuse to burn some calories in anticipation of all the candy we knew would be coming our way. Thanks Flywheel Tribeca for a great ride!

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