Institutional ETF
Trading Survey 2019

Evolving workflows and execution strategies

This report presents the findings from’s third annual global exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading survey, commissioned by Jane Street. It includes responses from 304 institutional investors, as well as qualitative interviews from 13 buy-side firms.

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ETF Survey Report

Key Findings

Competitive Pricing

58% of survey respondents say this is the most important criterion when choosing a liquidity provider.

ETF Workflows

Buy-side traders are making use of request-for-quote (RFQ) platforms to place multiple counterparties in competition with one another. 41% of respondents say they use RFQ platforms most frequently to trade, the highest share in the three-year history of the survey.

Trading Desks

Institutions value those who understand ETF execution strategies. 29% have dedicated trading desks or dedicated traders for handling ETF orders. The same proportion use separate brokers for their equities and ETF orders.