Get to Know Us


New York

Finance/Margin (final placement)

2018 RDP

Full-time since 2018


Get to Know Us | Jane Street

I’m Andrew. I started at Jane Street in 2018. I work in the New York office and I’m a part of the risk group within infrastructure.

Do I need experience in finance to apply?

I think it’s totally normal to not have finance experience. I think Jane Street really focuses on training people with no finance experience to sort of the business of Jane Street. And it’s sort of expected that you come in as sort of a blank slate and learn a lot of what you need to learn on the job.

Is there anything you would suggest I do to prepare for the interview process?

We really try to focus on how you, as a candidate, sort of work with the interviewer, how you ask good questions, how you learn as the interview goes on, and really how you approach a problem that’s completely new to you. During the job, you will be faced with lots of problems that are completely new to you and you have no idea what the background is, but being able to approach problems systematically and work with others collaboratively is super important.

What kind of projects do interns work on?

The types of projects that interns get to work on is actually largely the same as the types of projects that full-timers get to work on. It’s great because interns spend a lot of their summer learning, doing a lot of formal learning, and the projects that they get to work on really sort of reinforce the learning that they’re doing over the summer. The projects themselves can span anything from sort of data analysis projects, process improvement, process management, information synthesis, how do we make Jane Street better? How do we grow Jane Street as a business? How do we access new products and new markets that Jane Street’s never traded before? All of these projects are types of things that interns and full-timers in business development get to work on.

What is the business development team like at Jane Street?

I do think business development gives you a lot of exposure to both how we think about things at Jane Street and also how that intersects with the outside world. Jane Street is a business that interacts with many different counterparties and many different legal regimes and it’s a very complicated web of relationships. Being able to understand both what we want from Jane Street’s perspective, but also what the world wants with respect to Jane Street is super important. Understanding the different regulations and rules within different jurisdictions, managing the different relationships they have with banks and brokers and stuff like that is definitely super important within the business development role.

I think what I love most about Jane Street is the people and the culture. It’s a very intellectually engaged environment at Jane Street. People love learning about new problems, whether they relate to their day-to-day or not. People always love to learn about new challenges that Jane Streeters are facing and what sorts of things people are working on. It’s pretty infectious to be around that sort of environment where everyone loves to learn. It really makes you more curious and more sort of engaged with the work that you’re working on, knowing that everyone else is just as engaged with their work.

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