Developer Experience Engineer

NYC Full-Time: Experienced

About the Position

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our Tools & Compilers team, to act as the primary liaison between our other Software Engineers and users of our tools throughout the firm.

We're strong believers in the power of good tools, and as the team and our ambitions grow, we'd like someone to act as an advocate both for our tools and for our Engineers, making sure that we understand each group’s needs and prioritize them appropriately across the firm. This role is for someone who loves helping people and solving problems.

Part of your job would be to act as a tools Engineer, contributing to a wide variety of tools, including text editor plugins, our code-review system, and the Dune build system. All in, we expect you'll spend about half your time as an Engineer.

We'd also want you to spend time learning about engineering processes across the firm; this will involve rotating through different teams in order to understand their challenges and help them onboard new tools and processes.

You'd also spend time teaching people how to use our tools, whether it's by participating in our Bootcamp program, writing blog posts and tutorials, giving internal talks, or building and maintaining demo programs.

Finally, you'd have a role in helping us plan and prioritize our work. One of the hardest things our team has to do is figure out which of the many possible improvements we could make is most worth doing. A big part of your job would be helping us understand engineering needs across the firm, and using that knowledge to prioritize our project stack accordingly. 

About You

  • A love of the craft of software engineering, and a belief in the power of great tools
  • Top-notch writing skills (a link to some of your technical writing would be a great addition to your application!)
  • Strong relationship building and communication skills; a big part of success in this role will be reaching out to people you don't yet know
  • Interest in working collaboratively with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise
  • Fluency in English required
Jane Street is an Equal Opportunity Employer