Trading Desk Operations (TDO)

Agile, adaptive problem solvers from diverse academic backgrounds

There is no single ideal candidate for our Trading Desk Operations role—over the years we’ve hired math teachers, systems engineers, computer science majors, and even a former dive instructor. We are interested in hiring smart people who like solving interesting problems. Previous experience or course work in finance, business, or economics is not required.

Trading Desk Operations Specialists help manage the operational side of the trading desk’s activities and interface with various groups within the firm to ensure that all trades are reflected accurately in all systems.

This position involves coordinating with members of the internal infrastructure groups (Operations, Compliance, etc) as well as external parties regarding issues such as monitoring trading windows, properly booking trades, and resolving breaks.

TDOs will become familiar with both the broad flow of the trading/settlement cycle as well as the regulatory and operational considerations of each step. Day-to-day projects include maintaining complex spreadsheets, optimizing existing processes, and developing new tools for the desk.

Technical skills are important to this role and candidates should be confident working with data and have a strong foundation in mathematics, Excel, and VBA.

Before the interviews

When you submit your application to Jane Street for any role, it’s reviewed by an actual human. We respond to every application we receive, ideally within a week or so. Depending on your background we might also suggest you consider another position. We’ll always be up front with you about what roles you’re being considered for (or aren’t), so please also let us know what you’re interested in throughout the process.

If you’ve applied or interviewed before don’t let that stop you from trying again! We reconsider people all the time—people add to their experiences and our needs often change as Jane Street grows—so if it didn’t work out a couple of years ago you might have a better chance this go-around.


We want to understand how you learn and what it’s like to work with you.

The interview process starts with a short exercise that assesses your attention to detail and how you adapt to an unfamiliar concept. Then you’ll have a brief phone interview focused on problem solving and critical thinking. And if that goes well, you’ll come into one of our offices for an on-site interview. During this visit, you’ll meet with Trading Desk Operations Specialists who sit on different trading desks.

These interviews test a range of skills, but they are especially focused on your aptitude and learning style. We know these interviews are not a perfect simulation of the role, but we hope they will give you a good sense of what it’s like to work here and the types of problems you’ll solve everyday.

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