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Below is a 6-by-6 grid with vowels placed in some squares. Place distinct* consonants (allowing Y) into some or all of the empty squares so that you can form a 4-word chain. The first word in your chain must start and end inside the red outlined region. Similarly, the second, third, and fourth words must start and end inside the blue, green, and purple outlined regions. The last letter (square) of the first word must be the first letter of the second word, the last letter of the second word must start the third, and the last letter of the third must start the fourth. (See the example.)

Words are formed by making king’s move between squares. Squares may be revisited within a word. (As is done in the example, with the ‘E’ in ‘GROTESQUELY’.) Note that staying put (i.e. not moving) is not a legal “king’s move”.

Words must be legal English-language SCRABBLE® words (as per the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary), and the score of a word is the sum of the English-language SCRABBLE® point values for the letters. (E.g. 10 points for Q, 4 points for a W.) Your four words must also be distinct. (Sorry for not making that clear initially!)

The score for your chain is the product of the scores of your four words.

Please send us your board and your 4-word chain.

(*The added consonants must be distinct. So, for example, if you place a ‘Z’ in the top-left square, you cannot place another ‘Z’ in any of the other empty squares.)