Consistent and
reliable markets

Global ETF Market Making

Jane Street is one of the largest ETF liquidity providers in the world.

  • We are very active in the creation and redemption market, and we excel at executing large trades with minimal market impact.
  • We operate from three offices: our New York headquarters and locations in London and Hong Kong. This allows us to quote ETFs 24 hours a day.

Jane Street’s seasoned traders have a long history in ETFs, dating back to the 1993 launch of SPY, the first-ever ETF in the United States. Today, our firm is active in over 5,000 ETFs worldwide and we continuously refine our quantitative models and cutting-edge technology to provide order-book liquidity in over 45 countries. We are highly regarded by our counterparties for our consistently deep and reliable markets, both on- and off- exchanges. We maintain strong relationships with the major ETF providers, and consider ourselves experts in ETF structure and mechanics.

  • Highly competitive pricing for trades of all sizes
  • Global trading ability and firmwide risk book
  • Over 100 dedicated ETF traders
  • Registered and Lead Market Maker
  • Authorized Participant (AP) in select markets