Trading in the securities markets is one of the most open and competitive businesses there is. Our key to success isn’t brand recognition, but people. We focus primarily on being a fun, challenging, and rewarding place to work. That’s driven by the quality and cohesiveness of the team, which is why our interview process is so arduous, and why such a large number of current employees are involved in choosing their colleagues.

Ethics and Honesty

We take pride that our trading is done in a manner that doesn’t impose hidden costs or risks on counterparties or the market. No one at Jane Street will be asked to defend a position, execute a transaction, or state an opinion that they don’t believe in. It’s crucial to us that interactions at Jane Street, and interactions between our people and others, are conducted honestly and openly.


We strive to keep our hierarchy flat. The firm isn’t run for the benefit of a small group of people, but for the firm as a whole. Decision making is as decentralized as reasonably possible. People who work here are treated like partners and are evaluated based on their contributions to shared goals.

Decision Making

One of the most highly valued traits at Jane Street is a flexible, humble mindset. We try to admit when we are wrong and talk openly about our mistakes. Staying humble allows us to question our assumptions and to update our views based on new arguments. Being skeptical and asking “why” are critical.


Jane Street manages risk in a highly practical manner. We are extremely conservative when it comes to risks that might imperil the reputation or long-term viability of the firm, but bold when it comes to non-firm-threatening risk. Our risk thinking has an ethical as well as a practical dimension. We do not believe in taking excessive risk knowing that others will bear the downside.