The Marshy Mess

October 2022 : Solution

Your travels through Puzzle Forest continue with an encounter with a strange sort of bridge troll… some vague directions and a puzzle layout suggested you solve a Hashi (a.k.a. Bridges) logic puzzle with a twist: each of the four puzzles had exactly one inaccurate number.

Solving the four puzzles both revealed the correct numbers to be 5, 4, 3, and 1, and also gave a secret message: the doubled bridges spelled out the words “Prob” “no ACES” “givEn” “ShaPE”. The references to packs of playing cards connected with this message to imply we were asking for the probability a bridge hand would have no aces given the shape 5-4-3-1 of the corrected islands. This can be found going suit-by-suit, a hand with shape 5-4-3-1 would have probability


not to have any aces.

Congrats to this month’s solvers!