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Hooks #6

The grid presented here can be partitioned into 9 L-shaped “hooks”. The largest is 9-by-9 (contains 17 squares), the next largest is 8-by-8 (contains 15 squares), and so on. The smallest hook is just a single square. Find where the hooks are located, and place nine 9’s in the largest hook, eight 8’s in the next-largest, etc., down to one 1 in the smallest hook.

The filled squares must form a connected region. (Squares are “connected” if they are orthogonally adjacent.) Furthermore, every 2-by-2 region must contain at least one unfilled square.

A black number outside the grid indicates the product of the concatenated numbers in that row or column, when viewed from that position. (See the example, below.) A red number indicates the greatest common factor of these concatenated numbers, again when viewed from that position.

The answer to this puzzle is the product of the areas of the connected groups of empty squares in the completed grid.

Correct Submissions as of 13/11/19

Calvin Pozderac
Dan Lin
Glauber Guarinello
Noah MacAulay
Rahul Saxena
Sandip Ghoshal
Jonathan J Kutasov
Miklós Horváth
Lynette Liu
Jeffrey Lu
Tomer Tzadok
Stan Tendijck
Eugene Du
Dimas Ramos
Matthew Walker
Nadia Magnuson
Sean Egan
John Bamford
Team J
Keith Schneider
Michael DeLyser
Kevin Gu
Sunny Lee
Calum Heraty
Advait Parulekar
Rodrigo Amorim
Christian Iveson
Luis Wyss
David Nagy
Eve Dong
Brad Chavis
Anuj Shetty
Jin Kyu Lim
Gwennie Gilbert-Snyder
Jordi G Rodríguez
Takaki Oshima
Karl Mahlburg
William Machado
Heidi Stockton
Rafah Hajjar
Sebastian Liedtke
Irene & Tommy
Doug Miller
Ruiwen Zhong
Jiawen Sun
Andrew Tran
Arthur Henderson
Ben Reiniger
Christopher Kei

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