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Spiral Region

Shade some cells in the grid below such that the set of shaded cells is connected, has 90-degree rotational symmetry about its center, and contains the same number of shaded cells in each outlined region.

The answer to this puzzle is the smallest possible product of the areas of the connected groups of empty squares in the completed grid.

(Note: This post has been edited 2018-09-04 to change the answer to the smallest possible product of areas of connected groups of empty squares.)

Correct Submissions as of 20/09/18

Gwennie Gilbert-Snyder
Thomas HUET
Nikhil Reddy, Calvin Yost-Wolff, Alice Lin
Josh Marza
Diego Quarati
Guillermo Wildschut
Michael Peng
Allen Zhu
Calvin Pozderac
Alex Chatfield
Stephen Cappella
David Domonoske
Heidi Stockton
George Wahid
Guilherme Campos
Andrew Hwang
Adam Busis
Sandip Ghoshal
Anthony Das
Charlie Li
Valerii G
Lego Haryanto
Annemie Hanson
Alexander Skabelin
Brian Albert
Sean Egan
Nick HS

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