Research. Tech. Trading.

At Jane Street our trading blends human intuition—earned through more than twenty years of experience—with cutting-edge research. Our style is both rigorous and pragmatic. Depending on the problem, we might draw on large-scale machine learning models, domain expertise, or pen-and-paper mathematics. We’re a firm of puzzle solvers on and off the clock.

At the beating heart of global markets

Our global presence allows us to trade continuously on more than 200 electronic exchanges and other venues, at volumes that make us one of the world’s largest market makers.

Whether it’s in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Amsterdam, standing on a Jane Street trading floor feels like being at the center of something much bigger—a lively, cross-continental exchange of ideas.

Technical to the core

Technology is central to everything we do. Twenty years of using the most advanced tools available and applying them to complex problems at market scale has given Jane Street a reputation for excellence among software engineers.

We build almost all of our software, including our critical trading and risk management systems, in-house using a statically typed functional programming language called OCaml. Although we prize automation, human judgment and insight are critical to how we trade, and so we’ve invested heavily in tools that provide traders with real-time visibility and insight into our trading activity to help guide their decision making.

Our trading

Jane Street became known for expertise in domestic and international ETFs, but our trading has grown significantly since our early days. Today we are major players in the Equities, Bonds, and Options markets, among others.

It takes a village

A single trade at Jane Street is the product of many teams and systems working together. The lines between research, trading, and software engineering are intentionally porous, both at the organization and individual level. Trading ideas often depend on a blend of domain expertise, sophisticated mathematics, and large-scale data analysis; staying on top of the market requires fast and highly available systems. None of it could happen without booking, accounting, compliance, and support of every kind. The result is that our offices are alive with chatter, unusually collaborative, and, especially as we grow, a kind of city in themselves.

Jane Street has grown every year in its team, capital, and global presence. We continue to safely navigate volatile markets by being willing to take on the most challenging trades—by staying persistent, humble, and curious.

Our team is now over 2,000 strong, and our trading volumes have skyrocketed as we’ve refined our understanding of how to value, trade, and hedge complex securities.