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Jane Street’s internships offer an exceptional opportunity to learn about the firm and the world’s financial markets. We put an enormous amount of effort into making our internships an educational, valuable, and fun experience for our interns.

We think of our internships as an investment in the future of Jane Street, and for good reason – a significant fraction of our new employees over the past several years were once interns!

Internships We Offer

All of our offices follow a slightly different internship schedule, but no matter where you’re based we will always do our best to work around your academic commitments.

Typically our summer internships run for 10-12 weeks between May and September. Each office also offers unique off-cycle internships based on academic scheduling.

Our schedules are often flexible, so if this timing isn’t exactly what you had in mind, don’t worry; we can work out the details later.

Quantitative Trading Interns

Work with our experienced traders to learn about identifying, analyzing, and executing trading strategies, constructing quantitative models, conducting statistical analysis, building trading intuition, and more. Trading interns usually split their summer between two different trading desks.

Business Development Interns

Work with our business development, compliance, and operations teams to understand the regulatory and operational frameworks of various financial markets, and how they impact the implementation of the firm’s systems, processes, and trading strategies. Business development interns rotate through projects and mentors over the summer.

Software Engineering Interns

Work with experienced dev mentors on projects that are wide-ranging and have real impact. Learn about trading through classes and build bots that compete on a simulated exchange. Past interns have built protocol compilers, hacked on the internals of our concurrency library, and built real-time visualization tools. Many intern projects are subsequently released as open-source.

Quantitative Research Interns

Construct mathematical models, learn about relevant academic research, explore new ideas, and execute studies using Jane Street’s massive research infrastructure.


Is the timing of the internship flexible? I’m not available in summer — can I come at another time?

Each office offers unique off-cycle internships based on academic scheduling. Please refer to the apply page to see what options are available in your local office.

Is the internship paid? Is housing provided?

All of our internships are paid. Internship accommodations vary by office and time of year, but during most of our summer internships, housing is provided.

I’ve graduated this year/am about to graduate/have already graduated — can I do an internship?

Yes, students who have already graduated can still participate in an internship.

Get to Know Us

Watch our “Get to Know Us” video series and hear from Jane Streeters who work in a variety of roles.

The people featured in these videos jumped at the chance to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get and to tell you firsthand what makes Jane Street a rewarding place to work.

Ready to apply?

If you feel ready to apply, then simply apply below. We have a very straightforward application process – all we need is your resume or CV.

If you already have an offer from another firm and are worried about timing please let us know early in your process. You can also read our thoughts and experiences with exploding offers, something we don’t do but know many other companies use as a recruitment tool.

Due to Covid-19, we are predominantly working from home
right now. We are actively interviewing, hiring and onboarding remotely, and we look forward to receiving your application.

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