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Jane Street’s internships offer an exceptional opportunity to learn about the firm and the world’s financial markets.


While proximity to graduation is an advantage, we hire students of all tenure, from freshmen to post-doctoral scholars.

Internships take place in all three of Jane Street’s offices. Most summer interns also get a chance to visit a foreign office during their experience.

Past interns have reported that the best part of the internship is the rich educational experience. Every week brings a mix of finance theory and technology classes, mock trading sessions, and guest speakers, on top of careful one-on-one mentoring with experienced traders and technologists.

Internships We Offer

All of our offices follow a slightly different internship schedule, but no matter where you’re based we will always do our best to work around your academic commitments.

Typically our summer internships run for 10-12 weeks between May and September. Our winter internships vary a bit more office to office. New York offers a one month winternship during January, while London and Hong Kong have longer winternship programs (usually 10-16 weeks) that run between November and May. For Australasia students, we have a summer internship program in Hong Kong which takes place from late November to late February.

These schedules are flexible, so if this timing isn’t exactly what you had in mind, don’t worry; we can work out the details later. You’ll also notice that we have an off-cycle internship application for our London and Hong Kong offices. If you’re not exactly sure what to apply for, selecting this option will allow you to specify your exact availability. We can help you sort it out from there.

Trading Interns

Work with experienced traders to find and analyze arbitrage strategies, hedge risk, and search for new opportunities. Trading interns usually split their summer between two different trading desks, and spend a week in one of our overseas offices.

Research Interns

Construct mathematical models, learn about relevant academic research, explore new ideas, and execute studies using Jane Street’s massive research infrastructure.

Developer Interns

Work with experienced dev mentors on projects that are wide-ranging and have real impact. Learn about trading through classes and build bots that compete on a simulated exchange. Past interns have built protocol compilers, hacked on the internals of our concurrency library, and built real-time visualization tools. Many intern projects are subsequently released as open-source.

Infrastructure Interns

We also offer a limited number of infrastructure internships in various groups, including compliance, business development, and operations.

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