A Weird Tour

October 2023 : Puzzle

My journey across this bizarre planet is complete, even though I only visited 11 of the 120 regions with their strange gradually shifting dialects. Over the trip I swapped ends of the planet using a variety of methods of transport between each destination. Below are some clues to the names of the regions I visited for all but the fifth… maybe you can help me fill in my itinerary with the name of that strange fifth country?

    I started in

1. Unserious

    Then I took a plane to

2. Social (1,6,8)

    I took a tour to get to

3. Learning about (3 words) (8,9)

    Then switched to a big bus to make it to

4. Weakness

    Then a subway got me to

5. ???

    From there I walked through a tunnel to arrive at

6. Game series (2 words) (4)

    A long train ride got me to

7. Superstar artist (2 words) (1)

    Then I hopped on a boat to

8. Sign of doubt (2 words) (3)

    I rode a bike to

9. Exec (11)

    Then a friendly horse carried me on to

10. Suddenly emote (3 words) (11)

    Finally, a limo drove me to my ultimate stop:

11. South Asian (9,12)