Pair Dance 2

September 2022 : Puzzle

disgust (3,1,1)

mollifies (4,1,3,2)

calling in (3,1,3,4,2)

it’s pickled (4,4,4,4)

staple that’s approx 1 to 2 mm (4,4,4,4)

one who will take a leaner, maybe (6,6,7,2,4)

a 90’s spoof (if you insert a space) (4,4,4,4)

guts (6,6,3,5,5)

like most sets (2,2,3,4,2)

swinging makes one less impressive (5,3,1)

show up again (7,4,4,1)

the player at bat after you, say (6,6,3,1)

[in the chance that this happens to make sense, please send us the answer, which is a tuple of positive integers representing an English word]