An invigorating multi-week hybrid program, Unboxed is intended for recent high school graduates who are interested in STEM topics and self-identify with historically underrepresented ethnic or racial groups.

The majority of Unboxed is virtual, culminating with a final portion in-person at our office. Students will take small group classes and dive into topics like statistics, probability, programming, and analytical problem solving. After spending a few days learning each of these disciplines, students will be matched with Jane Street traders, researchers, software engineers, and business development analysts to focus on a particular subject matter. This may mean translating the foundations of mathematics to the financial markets, coding in OCaml, or analyzing business case studies.

There is no background in finance or STEM required to participate in Unboxed, only an interest in learning more about these topics that are near and dear to all of us at Jane Street. All attendees of Unboxed will be given a $2,000 scholarship to put toward future educational opportunities and other perks.

Our Programs and Events

Our programs and events are a chance for us to get to know each other. We look for curious people from any background with a passion for technology and creative problem solving. In other words, people like you.