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today’s markets

Global Footprint

With over twenty years of experience and hundreds of dedicated traders, we trade continuously on more than 200 trading venues in over 45 countries around the world.

Trading Expertise

We excel at providing competitive prices even during periods of dislocation and volatility, and by holding and managing risk over longer time periods we can execute complicated trades with less market impact.

Dedicated Partnership

Our teams of traders, product specialists, and market structure experts all work together to provide customized solutions and share trading insights.

Cross-Asset Liquidity

We price and trade more than 5,000 ETFs globally.

Jane Street’s traders have a long history in ETFs and today we’re recognized as one of the world’s leading ETF liquidity providers. We continuously refine our quantitative models and cutting-edge technology to competitively execute trades of all sizes while minimizing market impact, and our trading spans both the primary and secondary ETF markets. We bring this deep expertise to the liquidity we provide in a wide variety of ETPs with equity, fixed income, commodities, and crypto asset underliers.

We provide liquidity in all major equity markets around the world across different market structures and trading protocols.

Jane Street is a liquidity provider in equities both on- and off-exchange. We are registered market makers in many large market centers and we trade in additional regions through local brokers. Our global risk book and our experience trading correlated assets allow us to take and hold risk across a variety of trading protocols including limit order books, auctions, and quote-driven platforms.

We are also active in bilateral, off-exchange markets. In the US, our wholesaling unit trades directly with many of the biggest retail brokerage firms in the world. In Europe, we stream liquidity to trading firms via our systematic internaliser, JX-EU. Whether on- or off-exchange, we stand ready to supply liquidity to equity markets in whatever form it is demanded.

Jane Street is at the forefront of a fast-evolving fixed income market structure, trading more than $300 billion with clients globally in 2021.

Jane Street provides bond liquidity across the globe on all major electronic trading platforms, pricing more than 16,000 bonds, and through direct OTC trading with clients. We maintain a leading position in portfolio trading and on major electronic platforms, while continuing to provide the direct client service expected in the global bond market. Our leading presence in electronic trading, portfolio trading, and ETF trading, combined with our disciplined approach to risk management, allows us to be a consistent fixed income liquidity provider for clients in all market environments.

We actively trade index, ETF, and single-stock options, offering clients exposure to the future of the market.

From complex tactical allocation to customized downside protection, Jane Street’s fast-growing options business services a variety of client needs across nearly 3,000 option classes. Our options expertise is integral to our holistic cross-asset offering: our team of dedicated options traders regularly partners with clients to help them manage risk across fixed income, equities, and ETFs.

We are a leading liquidity provider in digital tokens and crypto derivatives.

In 2017 we extended our trading experience, infrastructure, and technology to digital assets, and we’re now trading crypto 24/7 around the world. We price all the most actively traded spot tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in addition to derivatives like futures and ETPs, and we trade on almost all major global market centers, including crypto exchanges and traditional venues. We’re also a major OTC crypto liquidity provider, and our JCX single-dealer platform provides reliable, integratable liquidity in digital assets. Our institutional-grade crypto offering is a natural extension of our deep cross-asset expertise and our experience trading complex, difficult-to-price securities.

Research and Insights

From emergent themes in each asset class to global market structure developments and macroeconomic trends, our research coverage provides insights into what we’re seeing in trading. Jane Street’s traders, specialists, and other experts work closely with our clients and partners across the industry to share ideas and knowledge in support of efficient, transparent markets.

Electronic Trading Offering

Execution Quality

Customized solutions designed to match individual execution priorities

Competitive Pricing

Clients gain access to inventory and pricing expertise derived from Jane Street’s equities and ETFs trading

Proprietary Technology

Jane Street’s platforms utilize our industry-leading technology and routing infrastructure


  • Digital assets single dealer platform
  • Launched in 2018, JCX offers 24/7 trading and daily net settlement for the most actively traded crypto tokens, allowing counterparties to access reliable, integratable liquidity in digital assets


  • US equity single dealer platform launched in 2014
  • JX is an efficient, cutting-edge system that allows clients to access our proprietary liquidity
  • Top 3 US single dealer platform*
  • Fast, easy connection to smart-order router/FIX protocol

*By average daily share volume, 2019


  • EU and UK equity single dealer platform
  • Launched in 2017

Wholesale Market Maker

  • US equities wholesale market making
  • Launched in 2019
  • Customized liquidity
  • Commit our own capital to provide competitive pricing
  • Experience and expertise in pricing over 7,500 securities