Institutional ETF
Trading Survey 2018

Liquidity improving, trade sizes growing

This report presents the findings from’s second annual global exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading survey, commissioned by Jane Street. It includes responses from 296 institutional investors, as well as qualitative interviews from 14 buy-side firms.

ETF Survey Report

Key Findings

Improving Liquidity

Nearly 90% of institutional traders think ETFs are more liquid or just as liquid as they were three years ago, across all asset classes, including emerging market ETFs, fixed-income ETFs and developed market ETFs. See more.

The Value of Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is the most important criterion for selecting counterparties, with 55% of institutions putting it in first place. See more.

Market-Makers Gaining Traction

Independent market-makers are the top choice of counterparty among buy-side institutions. See more.