Work where your mind matters

Jane Street is always looking for great new people to join our talented team.

Although specific roles may require specific skills, there are common threads that run through all people at Jane Street.

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  • Honesty, both personal and intellectual
  • The ability to work in a team while also being self-motivated on specific tasks
  • Intellectual curiosity and the passion to find and build the tools to answer questions more efficiently and effectively.
  • The ability and desire to learn from mistakes
  • Comfort with thinking logically in a quantitative and probabilistic way
  • A drive to improve and achieve

Process Overview

The purpose of the interview is to gain a better understanding of candidates’ current skill set as well as their ability to think, learn, and communicate. Our interview process is very selective. Only a small percentage of people who apply are selected for an interview.

For campus hires into trading and technology roles, there will be an on-campus interview, phone interviews, and a day of onsite interviews at one of our offices. Questions increase in difficulty with each round.

Find out more about interviewing at Jane Street in our Probability & Markets Guide and in “What a Jane Street dev interview is like”, which is one of a few helpful posts on the topic in our Tech Blog.