Programming Language Engineer






Software Engineering

About the Position

We're looking to hire a Software Engineer with experience working on programming languages to join us. Jane Street's Compilers team focuses on improving OCaml as a foundation for our ever-growing technology stack, in collaboration with the greater OCaml community. We work on many different aspects of the language, aiming to make it easier for developers to express their ideas in OCaml, to improve the performance of the generated code, and to make the OCaml compiler itself faster and easier to use. 

Over the years, we’ve extended the type system with support for novel language features, re-engineered the optimizer ground-up, and added feedback-directed optimization. We also extend and enhance the surrounding toolchain, working on tools for profiling, debugging and generating documentation. The vast majority of our work is open-source, and we upstream as much as we can to the mainstream OCaml compiler.

About You

If you’ve worked on a production compiler in industry or on research compilers in an academic setting, you might have a strong foundation for this role. No previous experience with OCaml or functional programming languages is required. Fluency in English is required.

Base salary is $250,000 - $300,000. Base salary is only one part of Jane Street total compensation, which includes an annual discretionary bonus.

Jane Street is an Equal Opportunity Employer