Over the course of an eight-week summer program in New York, the Jane Street Immersion Program (JSIP) allows aspiring software engineer undergraduates between their first and second years who identify with an underrepresented ethnic or racial minority group in tech to grow their skills.

JSIP represents a unique curriculum for Jane Street—we don’t often host students this early in their academic career. It’s also a rigorous one—we’re expanding some of our existing educational material into a full-fledged term of study that will move quickly and delve deeply. We’re calling it an immersion program for good reason. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and develop skills that will help to prepare them for a career in software engineering (whether that ends up being at Jane Street or somewhere else).

During the first four weeks, in a classroom just off our bustling trading floor, attendees will learn from full-time Jane Street software engineers, expanding and bolstering their computer science fundamentals. Attendees will also learn OCaml, our favored programming language, along with the ins and outs of the functional programming that is so crucial to our business.

During the second four weeks, attendees will work on an original open-source software project under the personal guidance of a Jane Street mentor. These real-world projects will allow students to contribute to the OCaml ecosystem, and cover a wide range of topics relevant to developers building large-scale systems in the language.

Diversity of thought and contribution is what allows our firm to stay both bold and nimble. Many of us had no previous experience with finance or OCaml when we arrived, and JSIP requires no such experience—only a penchant for programming and a curious mind.

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