Rotational Development Program

This role isn't accepting applications in New York until Fall of 2020. In the meantime, you can learn more or read the full job description here.

Jane Street is a proprietary trading firm that operates around the clock and around the globe.


Our growth comes from hiring and training amazing people and giving them the tools they need to innovate. Work at Jane Street is exciting and challenging. We trade in incredibly competitive, fast-paced environments, and feedback on successes and failures is quick and tangible. This allows for constant evaluation and improvement of our strategies and performance.


On our busiest days, we trade over $10-$20 billion equity shares in the US alone. We bring a deep understanding of markets, a scientific approach, and innovative technology to trade in the world’s highly competitive financial markets, focusing primarily on equities and equity derivatives.

The Role

Designed to prepare candidates to identify, propose, and manage cross-departmental projects at Jane Street, the program consists of a structured rotation through 3-5 groups. Typical work involves analyzing data from multiple sources, identifying and resolving bottlenecks in day-to-day processes, and overseeing the development of new business initiatives.

Founded in 2000, Jane Street employs over 1000 people in offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong. Teaching and learning are central activities through classes, mentoring and discussion.


The right candidate is well-rounded, organized, and able to learn and engage with complicated concepts. Candidates should be interested in understanding how processes work and solving difficult problems.


The environment at Jane Street is open, informal, intellectual and fun. You can wear a t-shirt and jeans to the office every day, the kitchen is stocked, and conversation is always lively.


The Infrastructure Group facilitates Jane Street’s business by, among other things, optimizing collateral management and funding sources, designing efficient operational processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks, and managing various categories of risk. Part of the firm’s competitive advantage is attributable to the group’s talent, agility, and creativity.