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Episode 1: Probability

The Perils of Dogsitting

In this first episode we present a warm-up probability problem about dogsitting a rambunctious poodle, and review the...

Episode 2: Probability

Always Take the Middle Taxi

The problem of the week in this episode involves the probability of a certain arrangement of random cars at a traffic...

Episode 3: Probability

A Perfectly Balanced War

In this episode, we ask you to compute the probability of losing an Ace when playing a turn of the card game War, and...

Episode 4: Probability

Passing Your Driver's Test

At the DMV, there are test takers who study, and there are those who pass. This episode’s problem investigates the re...

Episode 5: Probability

Grandma's Secret College Fund

A second Bayes’ Theorem problem is presented in this episode, as we sample a random bill from a piggy bank and try to...

Episode 6: Geometry

The Perfect Snow Cone

This episode kicks off a sequence of geometry problems, here we are figuring out the optimal dimensions of a snow con...

Episode 7: Geometry

Efficient Reshaping of a Snowball Into a Snow Cone

In this episode we continue with snow cone related calculations, with a bonus problem to use integration to compute t...

Episode 8: Geometry

Crossing the River

For your toy boat Wavey to cross the river, it must fight the current using its motor: where should you aim it?

Episode 9: Geometry

Crossing the River 2: Wavey's Revenge

We continue charting courses for Wavey at the riverbank, solving the previous episode’s navigation puzzle and posing ...

Episode 10: Geometry

The Art Thief at the Window

The problem of the week is to figure out which paintings will slide through an oddly-shaped window, the security of t...

Episode 11: Expected Value

The Unknown Monster

In this episode we define Expected Value and offer an introductory puzzle to the concept, along with bonus problem, a...

Episode 12: Expected Value

Photographing the Chaotic Marching Band

To get the perfect photo of the marching band, the rows have to be in-step, but are choosing their starting foot at r...

Episode 13: Expected Value

How Many Snowboards Need Sharpening?

Rachel has six snowboards, one of which gets chosen for each day. How many distinct snowboards did she expect to use?...

Episode 14: Expected Value

Finals Week

Jayden is preparing for finals week, and wants to know how much time can he expect between his two finals. Can you he...

Episode 15: Expected Value

The Half-Court Shot

We solve the problem of the expected time between Jayden’s two finals, and present the last problem of the first seas...

Episode 16: Expected Value


We finish off the season with a flurry of solutions to the problem of the number of half-court attempts required to m...