Solving the puzzle of global markets

Jane Street is a research-driven trading firm where curious people work together on deep problems

Making markets stronger

We build bridges between supply and demand, across space and time, to make the world’s financial markets more efficient and transparent.

Big challenges, tight-knit teams

Our traders and researchers work hand in hand, blending our quantitative and qualitative understanding of the world’s financial markets. Our technology teams build critical systems through which billions of dollars worth of transactions flow every day. Our infrastructure teams form the backbone of Jane Street, keeping the day-to-day operations of the firm running seamlessly.

We provide liquidity in even the most complex and difficult-to-navigate markets. We’re able to price large trades where inter-desk collaboration is crucial, while minimizing market impact. We have a passion for finding answers to our clients’ most difficult trading challenges.

Updating our priors

The latest thinking from Jane Street

Work with us

Trading is one of the most open and competitive businesses there is. Our key to success is people, which is why we focus above all on being a challenging and rewarding place to work.

Our culture prizes intellectual humility, openness, and continuous improvement. When we’re not working together, we might be playing together—whether that's chess, puzzles, or Figgie®. We’re based in beautiful, bustling offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Diversity matters


Beautiful spaces around the globe






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