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Software Engineering

About the Position

We are hiring Production Engineers in our New York office. Jane Street Production Engineers are software developers who spend time both developing software and also providing high-quality support for software systems that are critical to Jane Street's trading business.

Many of our Production Engineers are embedded in various software teams; others are in standalone teams. In both situations we work alongside application developers with a common goal of creating and running great software systems. As a firm we are big believers in functional programming, and use OCaml as our primary development language.

Production Engineers play an essential role interacting with a wide variety of departments and functions at Jane Street. We solve real-time issues and make a firm-wide impact. We take ownership of the architecture and design of systems that monitor and support the firm’s trading. We also design and develop the tools that we use, and it feels great to be able to shape these tools and then enjoy the improvements.

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How is a Production Engineer role different from a generic Software Engineering role?

As Production Engineers:

  • We split our time between OCaml software development project work and a support rotation, in which we actively resolve live issues in Jane Street’s critical systems
  • We are curious and eager to learn about a number of different systems and how they fit together. This gives us a breadth of knowledge and opportunities to collaborate with many other dev and business teams across the firm
  • We spend less time in total coding (due to the support rotation), and are interrupted more often, and we enjoy adding value to Jane Street in this way
  • We get satisfaction from helping others, enabling good trades, and getting to the bottom of complex and urgent production issues

About You

We don’t expect you to have a background in functional programming, finance, or any other specific field—we’re looking for smart software developers who enjoy solving interesting problems. We’re more interested in how you think and learn than just what you currently know. You should be:

  • A strong programmer with a love for technology; able to write and read code well
  • An intellectually curious person who is motivated, collaborative, and eager to learn
  • An excellent communicator, able to be clear and calm during production incidents


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Base salary is $175,000 - $300,000. Base salary is only one part of Jane Street total compensation, which includes an annual discretionary bonus.

Jane Street is an Equal Opportunity Employer