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Software Engineering

We’re looking for a software engineer who is passionate about front-end development, user-interface design, and typed functional programming. You would take part in the design and implementation of our next-generation of browser-based tools for operating our trading infrastructure.

We’re building for expert users, which means we want to maintain a high UX bar, and at the same time create tools that are flexible and powerful enough to satisfy the needs of deeply engaged users.

Beyond working on the individual tools, we want someone who can find opportunities to create libraries and abstractions that capture common interaction idioms, and to sharpen our development practices and firm-wide approach to UI development.

We’re looking to add someone with a particular mix of skills and experience:

  • A strong background in web technologies, including browser fundamentals like CSS and the DOM, and an understanding of the principles of UI frameworks like Vue, Angular, React, and Flutter
  • Practical experience building sophisticated UIs in the browser. We’re looking for someone who loves the detailed polishing that’s needed to build elegant and highly usable UIs
  • An interest in and appreciation of typed functional programming as an approach to UI construction. Experience with languages like Elm, ReasonML, Purescript, and Typescript is a plus (we don’t expect experience in OCaml in particular.)

The role will provide opportunities to work in multiple parts of the stack, including front-ends, back-ends, middleware, and databases. The job will also involve working closely with traders and other end-users to better understand their needs.

Fluency in English is required


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