Real Numbers is a weekly show that discovers math through the lens of real-world problems. In each episode, we pose a challenge of the week and encourage viewers to submit their answers. These problems come straight from real life, but their solutions can involve geometry, probability or other fields of math. In the following week’s episode, we will discuss approaches to the problem along with a presentation of a brand new challenge.


Episode 15: Expected Value

The Half-Court Shot

We solve the problem of the expected time between Jayden’s two finals, and present the last problem of the first season: how many half court attempts until Danielle ma...

Episode 14: Expected Value

Finals Week

Jayden is preparing for finals week, and wants to know how much time can he expect between his two finals. Can you help him out?

Episode 13: Expected Value

How Many Snowboards Need Sharpening?

Rachel has six snowboards, one of which gets chosen for each day. How many distinct snowboards did she expect to use? We pose this wintry problem and then solve the pu...