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Software Engineering

About the Position

We are looking to hire an FPGA Engineer to help us design, test and deploy advanced hardware accelerators. You’ll be part of the ultra low latency team, but you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with people in areas across the firm, including trading, networking, and research infrastructure.
We’re big believers in the ability of tools to improve the productivity, reliability, and day to day joy of hardware engineering. That’s why we created Hardcaml, a hardware development toolchain embedded in OCaml. We don’t expect you to know OCaml (we’ll teach you here), but we are looking for hardware engineers who are excited about the advantages that better tools can bring, and as a result willing to try new things.

In terms of qualifications, we’re looking for someone with:

  • Practical experience of RTL design and testing
  • Experience with backend tooling like Vivado and Quartus
  • An interest in using software engineering techniques to improve the hardware design process, and experience programming in some high-level language (Python, C++, Java, Haskell, etc.)
  • Fluency in English is required

Beyond that, experience with PCIe, SERDES integration, and high performance ethernet/infiniband are all a plus, as is experience working on trading-related applications.


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