Our IN FOCUS program is a challenging three-day program that invites those who identify with a historically underrepresented minority ethnic/racial group to meet our team and gain a deep understanding of how we solve challenges at Jane Street—including the specific concepts and tools we use in our daily work.

As you explore opportunities within the program, you’ll notice the event topics and locations will vary. We offer classes and activities in three separate tracks: software engineering, trading, and business development.

In the trading program, students will learn about mathematical and financial topics such as probability, market structure, and arbitrage through a combination of short classroom lectures, group games, and mock trading sessions.

In the software engineering program, students will learn about OCaml and the libraries and tools that we use in our everyday work, as well as the fundamentals of building electronic trading systems. Then, they’ll put these tools to use by writing the backend and UI for a computer game and a program that trades on a simulated stock exchange.

In the business development program, students will explore a broad variety of Infrastructure subgroups, including treasury, compliance, operations, and project consulting, to learn how we solve cross-departmental problems to support the firm’s growth. Case studies and problem-solving exercises will introduce participants to how we optimize funding and financing, set up new trading flows, respond to regulatory inquiries, and generally manage the complex mechanics that underlie Jane Street’s business. The program will give attendees a glimpse into the work that goes on in our business development internship and Rotational Development Program.

The IN FOCUS program does not require a prior knowledge of finance, only an interest in seeing what a career at Jane Street might look like. Please apply only to the location nearest you.

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