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2018 Intern

Full-time since 2019

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Get to know us | Jane Street

Hi, I’m Alistair. I’m a trader in our London office and I started at Jane Street in 2019.

What did you study in school and how did it help you prepare for a job at Jane Street?

At university, I studied maths and stats. For sure, the stats part of my degree has been the more technically useful for my work at Jane Street, but the problem solving skills that I got from the maths part have for sure been helpful.

What classes do you recommend I take?

Some classes you might want to consider taking are applied probability and statistics, but I also found some more obscure options to be of use, like information theory.

What is the trading internship like?

During your internship, you’ll get to understand how Jane Street works as a whole through a range of classes. You’ll understand what each trading desk does as well as what life looks like as a trader. You’ll be working on a project, which would be something that a full-timer would be doing if it weren’t for you. For example, my project was looking at other market participants’ behaviors in ETF markets in London.

How is working at Jane Street different than you expected?

The biggest surprise about working at Jane Street for me was just how open the culture is. Everyone here, regardless of their tenure or position is really happy to talk to you if you have a good idea.

Easily, my favorite thing about working at Jane Street is the people. Everyone here is super nice, super smart, and really happy to give you their time.

The next great idea will come from you