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Get to Know Us | Jane Street

Hi. I’m Kristen and I work in recruiting at Jane Street in New York, and I joined in 2019.

When should I apply?

At Jane Street, we review our applications on a rolling basis. So we always recommend that our candidates apply when they feel ready. And we think feeling ready means that you would be prepared to participate in our interviews within the next few weeks.

A few tips to feel more prepared for your interview, you might want to take a look at our website and review the interview prep materials that we have available. It’s a good place to get started.

What is the recruiting timeline and process for Jane Street?

After applying to Jane Street, you can expect to hear from a recruiter within just a few days. If you are selected for interviews, that recruiter will communicate with you clearly what to expect next.

Are there any requirements I must meet to apply for an internship?

There are no real requirements to apply for any of our campus positions. We’re always just looking for interesting resumes from intellectually curious students. You don’t need to know OCaml. You don’t need to have experience with finance. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

How can students prepare for recruiting at Jane Street?

I would recommend that you find ways to challenge your mind, and that could be in the coursework that you choose or looking for professional or research opportunities. It could even be in the clubs and the hobbies you do on the side.

In general, we recommend you practice problem solving, but not just thinking about hard problems, practice solving them all the way through.

If you’re most interested in our software engineering role or you just love coding, it’s simple. Practice. Build something from scratch on your own. Use any language you like. We’re really collaborative at Jane Street, so learning how to problem solve with others would be a huge plus.

Jane Street does not host events at my school. What should I do?

In a typical year, we try to get to as many campuses as we can. But unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere. So if we don’t make it to your campus, we hope you still take the time to get to know us online. And also, we hope you still apply.

Can I apply to more than one role or internship?

We welcome candidates to apply to as many roles and whichever offices that they’re most interested in. But you should know that when a recruiter looks at your application, they’re considering you for all of our opportunities. So there is a place in your application where you can express what your interests are. But regardless if you submit once or you submit to multiple jobs, you’re going to be considered for all of the opportunities you’re eligible for.

Can I reapply to Jane Street if I have applied before?

Yes, you can definitely reapply. We actually have several success stories of people we’ve hired on their second or third time around. But we do encourage you to think about whether you are a new candidate when you reapply. Have you had new experiences in the classroom or professionally that will make your resume and your candidacy a little bit different than last time? And we generally think that takes about a year to accumulate some new information you want to share with us.

My favorite thing about Jane Street, it’s probably that every day I’m challenged at work, but I’m always having fun while doing it. Plus, there’s a lot of perks and benefits. They’re all so great, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

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