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Hong Kong


2016 Intern

Full-time since 2018

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Get to Know Us | Jane Street

Hi, my name is Gabe. I’m a trader in Hong Kong, been working here since 2018.

What did you study in school and how did it help you prepare for a job at Jane Street?

I studied software engineering at the University of Waterloo, and I think that, studying software engineering, studying computer science gave me a strong technical background, which is useful for the trading that we do at Jane Street.

What classes do you recommend I take?

I’d recommend taking classes in statistics and probability. Those are things we think about very actively in trading. It’s core to our business. How to think in a Bayesian way, how to update your beliefs based on new information, I think those are skills that are very useful as a trader and something you can learn in college.

What was your internship experience like?

I did two internships at Jane Street, one as a software engineering intern and later as a trading intern. As a software development intern, as a dev intern, you’ll be working on several projects with a mentor, so you’ll be paired with one of Jane Street’s developers and working on a project for a few weeks to a month at a time.

As a trading intern, there’s a few different components to it. One is you’ll take classes on finance and trading. So just an intro to that area. You don’t need to know anything about finance. I studied software engineering. I didn’t have any financial background, learned it all on the job. And then there’s the mock trading, which I found really instructive. There you’ll be trading contracts that are either modeled after real-life financial instruments or just off of really silly things, such as the scores of two people playing skee ball or the scores of people in a Kaggle competition. But even those kind of more fun mocks highlight and teach or are really instructive in identifying market phenomenon that we see all the time and that are really essential to our business.

Does the internship mirror full time roles at Jane Street accurately?

I think the internship at Jane Street really gives you a view into what working as a full-time trader is like, especially in the project work. The projects that you work on as a trading intern will be similar in nature to what full-time traders are working on as well.

It’s definitely the people at Jane Street that make it a great place to work. My coworkers, they’re all very friendly and super talented people. I learn so much from working with them, and I appreciate that I can also have input in their work. And just this environment, the people around me make it a very rewarding place to work and a very enjoyable place to work.

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